Lake Waikaremoana is only 30 minutes drive from Ohuka Lodge, and is home to one of New Zealand's finest 'Great Walks'.

The tramp is 3-4 days long, over 46km worth of hard, but rewarding terrain. The walk is packed with magnificent views out over Lake Waikaremoana and Te Urewera.


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Come fishing on your very own stretch of the Waikaretaheke River, only accessible through private land.

The Waikaretaheke River is renowned for its challenging fly fishing river, and any fishermen before have found it a great experience.

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The Lake Kaitawa Fairy Springs are another beautiful natural wonder in the Te Urewera. The water enters these lakes through leaks in the bed of Lake Waikaremona. The Lakes are a beautiful translucent green colour and are worth a look. For more info click on the DOC logo below.


Just over 25 minutes drive from Ohuka Lodge are the Onepeoto Caves. Formed by great landslides some 2,200 years ago, the caves were created by the same land movement that created Lake Waikaremoana. The caves range from small cavities to tunnels up to 20 metres long with multiple entrances. The caves can be reached via a 2-hour return walk from a lookout next to SH 38, 10km south of the Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre. Be sure to take a torch as the caves have little natural light and can have slippery bottoms, and the squeamish should watch out for cave weta - although they are harmless. Click on the DOC logo for more info.




Onepoto Caves Track

Fairy Springs